10 Important features of the C++ programming language

C++ is a most popular, cross-platform, general purpose, procedural object oriented programming language which is used to develop high-performance applications such as operating systems, Graphical User Interfaces, and embedded systems.

C++ supports multiple platforms such as windows, Linux, UNIX, and Mac which is why it’s widely used and accepted.


It was developed by a Danish Computer scientist Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Laboratories in New Jersey. Earlier it was called C with objects. As development progressed, it was named later C++ in 1983.

10 Important features of the C++ programming language:

10 Important features of the C++ programming language:

1. Simple:

C++ is a very simple programming language if you are already familiar with C programming. You can develop your code in a modular way with the help of classes. It has huge in-built libraries which provide different functions and data types that are very useful while writing the code.

2. Object-oriented:

C++ supports object oriented programming concepts such as abstraction, encapsulation, data hiding, polymorphism, and inheritance. These concepts can be easily implemented using predefined keywords like class, public, private, and protected. The object-oriented approach increases the flexibility, security, and reusability of the program.

3. Mid-Level Programming Language:

C++ supports both low-level and high-level programming hence it is called a mid-level programming language. It is used to develop operating systems, drivers, system applications, etc.

4. Performance and Flexibility:

C++ requires less time for compilation and execution of the code. Because of its high performance as compared to other programming languages, it is used to develop system core server applications where performance is the topmost priority.

It has rich inbuilt libraries that contain a variety of functions and data types which provides flexibility while writing a code.

5. Dynamic Memory Management:

C++ provides dynamic memory allocation and deallocation at run time which improves its efficiency significantly. It also comes with a very effective and efficient memory management technique that can help save the memory.

It calculates the required size of the memory at runtime which makes memory allocation and deallocation superfast.

6. Case Sensitive:

It’s a case-sensitive language and we have to follow certain rules while writing the program.

7. Predefined Libraries:

C++ has a huge stack of predefined libraries. Libraries contain predefined functions that we can use while writing the code. It saves time to a great extent and makes a programmer’s life easy. We just have to include the header file of a library in the code to access its functions.

8. Platform dependent

It is platform dependent programming language. Executables of C++ cannot run on different machines. For example, an executable that runs on Windows cannot run on a Linux environment. We have to compile and build executables for each platform separately.

9. Structured Programming Language:

You can write code in a modular format using classes, objects, and functions that can be reused whenever required. We can easily modify modular code and reuse it. We can create multiple functions for a program.

10. Extensible and Reusable

You can easily modify the existing program or add new functionality to the existing code. With the help of function, we can divide the program into different parts which can be reused. Hence C++ programs are extensible and reusable.

Disadvantages of C++ programming language:

Following are the some of the disadvantages of using a C++ programming language

  • Handling pointers is difficult.
  • Manual memory management. No garbage collector for automatic memory management.
  • It does not provide complete security as compared to other programming languages.
  • C++ is a case-sensitive language so extra care needs to be given while writing the code.
  • It’s not easy to learn. First-time programmers find it very difficult to understand the C++ programming language as compared to other programming languages.


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