Top 7 PLM Software To Manage Your Product Lifecycle Data

There are different software applications available in the market to manage Product Lifecycle Data. In this article, we will study 7 widely used and accepted PLM software by various industries.

7 Important PLM Softwares:

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Siemens Teamcenter is a widely accepted PLM software by various industries such as Automobile, defense, aerospace, medical, and pharmaceutical. This software application can be used for small-scale to large-scale industries. This software can be very useful for managing integrated business processes and complex data.

Teamcenter provides great flexibility to integrate with CAD, CAE, and ERP applications and can be customized based on business process requirements. Change Management, BOM Management, Requirement Management, Workflow process Management, Manufacturing Process. Management, Classification, and Organization are some of the important features of Teamcenter. It provides great flexibility to integrate with MCAD, ECAD, and various simulation tools during the product design phase of the product. It also provides great flexibility to manage and migrate legacy data.

Teamcenter supports Windows, Linux, and UNIX operating systems.


Windchill is also one of the most widely accepted and easy-to-use PLM software developed by PTC.

Many industries such as Automobile, aerospace pharmaceutical, and defense using Windchill as their PLM tool. BOM management, Requirements Management, Software Development, Service Development, Manufacturing Process, MBSE, Product data management, Workflow Management, Collaboration, and Platform Structures are some of the important features of Windchill software. It offers great flexibility to integrate with other legacy software applications.

Aras PLM:

Aras PLM is an open source, easy-to-use PLM platform that you can customize as per business process requirements. It provides great flexibility to accommodate and manage product data of various industry verticals. BOM Management, System Engineering, Manufacturing Process Planning, Quality Management, Configuration Management, Document Management, and Requirement Management are the key features of this PLM application.


Enovia is a Dassault Systems PLM application with is powered by the 3DEXPERINCE platform. It enables different users of different departments to contribute product development process throughout various stages of the product lifecycle.

Bill of Materials Management, Configuration Management, Change Management, Classification Management, Design data management, Security and access of data, and Product and Program Management are some of the important features of this PLM tool. Through the Strategic Customer Relationship feature of Enovia, the product development team can capture customer requirements at different stages of the product development process.


SAP PLM provides 360 degree support for all product related information from conceptual design to manufacturing and services. Product portfolio management, Requirement and acquisition Management, Product cost management, Centralized Product Process Management, Change Management, BOM Management, and Document Management are some of the important features of SAP PLM. SAP PLM is well known for its BOM Management capability and its compatibility to integrate with ERP applications.

Oracle Agile PLM:

Its Oracle’s Product Lifecycle Management tool to manage product innovation processes in multiple industries. Some of the important features of this software are Portfolio Management, Schedule Management, Resource Management, Quality Management, Cost data management for the RFQ process, Master Data Modelling (MDM), Configurator Modelling, etc. We can easily configure and deploy this software on cloud infrastructure.

It’s based suitable if you are already using Oracle infrastructure for your business.


UpChain is a cloud based PLM and PDM software application to manage product data. Some of the important features of UpChain are Multi-CAD data management, secure cad storage, BOM Management, Project Management, Change Management, Configurable workflows, etc. UpChain provides API for CAD applications and web services integration.

Cloud-based architecture helps keep data secure and easily accessible. We can easily download and upload data from the cloud easily. It provides a centralized platform for the new product development process. It provides a modular workflow editor using which we can develop workflow process templates without coding. This PLM application is good for small and medium enterprises.

Other PLM software’s available in the market:

  • Sterling PLM
  • Bamboo Rose
  • Autodesk Vault
  • Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle PLM
  • Arena PLM
  • Propel PLM
  • Omnify Empower PLM
  • 4G PLM
  • Hexagon
  • Product Center
  • Fuse PLM
  • Infor Optiva
  • Kalypso PLM
  • Backbone PLM
  • BOM Creator
  • Mars PLM

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In this article, we have studied basic information related to the top 7 PLM software that you can use to manage your product lifecycle data. We hope this article was informative and you got some basic idea of the above PLM software. Please do share your experience of using PLM software to manage the product data. We would be happy to hear from you.

Thanks. Keep learning.

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