10 Important features of the C++ programming language

C++ is a most popular, cross-platform, general purpose, procedural object oriented programming language which is used to develop high-performance applications such as operating systems, Graphical User Interfaces, and embedded systems. C++ supports multiple platforms such as windows, Linux, UNIX, and Mac which is why it’s widely used and accepted. History: It was developed by a … Read more

gotoxy() function in c++

What is gotoxy() function? gotoxy() function in C++  is used to place the position of the cursor at the required position on the screen. You can pass the x and y coordinates to the function, based on which function decides the desired position of the cursor on the screen to print the required output message. … Read more

Call a jar file in C++ program

You are here means, you are trying to call jar file of Java project from C++ program. You can easily achieve this using the C++ system function. You can also pass arguments to the Java class from the C++ program. In this article, we are going to learn how to call a jar file in … Read more

Everything you need to know about system pause c++ function

What is a system() function? system() is a predefined standard C/C++ library function. You can pass input commands such as “date” or “pause” to the system() function which will be executed on the operating system terminal. Let’s first understand the syntax of the system() function int: int is the return type of system() function. If … Read more

[Solved] Undefined Reference To pow Function

What is a pow function? Pow() is a predefined function in math.h header file of C++ programming. It is a power function that is used to calculate the power of a given number. To use this function you must include math.h header file in your program. Syntax of a pow() function: double pow(double base_value, double … Read more

3 Working Ways To Calculate Square In C++

What is square of a number? If a given number is multiplied by itself then it’s called as a square of a number. For example 2*2 =4, 3*3=9, 4*4=16.  When the square is again multiplied by a number then it’s called the cube of a number. In this article, we are going to learn different … Read more