99 Important Teamcenter ITK Customization Interview Questions

Teamcenter ITK customization interview questions

Hello friends! You are here means you are preparing for an interview for the PLM application developer position i.e. Teamcenter developer position.

In this article we have summarized the different questions generally asked during an interview related to Teamcenter ITK customization based on our industry experience.

Read all questions carefully and try to find answers to these questions.

Teamcenter ITK Customization Interview Questions

  1. What is ITK?
  2. What you can customize using ITK customization?
  3. What are the different methods of ITK customization?
  4. What is User exit?
  5. What is server exit?
  6. What is a custom exit?
  7. How to register runtime property using ITK?
  8. How to register the rule handler using ITK?
  9. How to register an action handler using ITK?
  10. What is pre-condition?
  11. How to register pre-condition?
  12. What is Pre-Action?
  13. How to register Pre-Action?
  14. What is Post Action?
  15. How to register post action?
  16. How to register post action on LOV?
  17. On which operations we can register custom action?
  18. How to create an Item using ITK?
  19. How to create Dataset using ITK?
  20. What is the difference between AOM_save and AOM_save_without_extension?
  21. What is mean by (OF) variable in the ITK reference guide?
  22. How to free memory in ITK?
  23. How to get target attachment using ITK?
  24. How to display custom error messages in ITK?
  25. How to create a custom handler with arguments using ITK?
  26. How to create a batch ITK program?
  27. How to compile and run batch utility using cmd?
  28. What is ITK_User_main?
  29. How to configure Visual Studio for batch ITK program?
  30. How to configure Visual Studio for custom handlers?
  31. How to register post action on the property using ITK?
  32. How to create BOM using ITK?
  33. How to read BOM assembly using ITK?
  34. What is POM inquiry?
  35. What is the difference between AOM_ask_value_string and AOM_get_value_string?
  36. How to attach secondary object to primary object using ITK?
  37. How to purge dataset versions using ITK?
  38. How to create a change object using ITK?
  39. How to initiate workflow process using ITK?
  40. What is the difference between AOM_save and AOM_save_myself?
  41. How to assign memory to char** variable?
  42. How to read BOMLine properties using ITK?
  43. What is the difference between AOM_lock and AOM_refresh
  44. How to release objects using ITK?
  45. How to bypass the access rule in Itk?
  46. Can we delete released objects using ITK customization?
  47. How to delete released objects?
  48. How to delete object references using ITK?
  49. How to delete the Master object if a replica is available on another site using ITK?
  50. Can we delete the master objects without deleting replica objects using ITK?
  51. How to call the ITK function from RAC?
  52. How to include ITK header files into your code?
  53. How to find header file names for a particular ITK API?
  54. Where are the ITK header files located?
  55. What is ITK_main.obj object file?
  56. What is the return type of custom rule handler?
  57. What is mean by EPM_go and EPM_nogo?
  58. What are dll and executable in ITK customization?
  59. Can we run dll built-in Debug configuration of visual Studio in 4 – Tier environment?
  60. How to deploy custom dll in the Teamcenter environment?
  61. In which preference do we have to add a custom dll name?
  62. How to read preference using ITK?
  63. Can we update custom dll at runtime when all clients are working?
  64. Is it necessary to take down the Teamcenter server to update the custom dll?
  65. How to change object icons using ITK customization based on property value?
  66. What changes need to be done in the custom ITK codes after the up-gradation of the Teamcenter version?
  67. How to handle deprecated ITK APIs?
  68. What is mean by User_gs_init_shell.module while registering custom handler using ITK?
  69. Can we bypass Deep copy rules in ITK?
  70. What is the return type of ITK API?
  71. What is the difference between Query_execute and Query_Execute_query ITK API?
  72. Can we set default values of attributes in the object creation dialog using ITK?
  73. How to prevent attachment of Text dataset to particulate revision using ITK?
  74. How to copy objects from current revision to new revision using ITK?
  75. How to make attributes mandatory before Checked-In the objects?
  76. How to search item revision using ITK and release all its secondary objects?
  77. How to set the last modified date and last modified user using ITK?
  78. How to set default values of properties after creating an object using ITK?
  79. How to update the name of named references file using ITK?
  80. How to download dataset files using ITK?
  81. How to decide which modules ITK API to be used? AOM, WSOM, POM, or EPM?
  82. How POM APIs are different from WSOM or AOM API?
  83. How to Checked-Out and Checked-In objects using ITK?
  84. How to auto-login into Teamcenter in the ITK program?
  85. When we use auto-login ITK API to login into the Teamcenter then which user is actually logged into the Teamcenter application?
  86. How to write log information into the Syslog file in ITK?
  87. How to read workflow process reviewers using ITK?
  88. How to change object ownership using ITK?
  89. How to create BOMViewRevision using ITK?
  90. How to apply variant conditions in ITK?
  91. How to get object UID using ITK?
  92. How to search objects using UID in ITK?
  93. How to send mail notifications using ITK?
  94. How to read arguments from the command line in ITK?
  95. How to handle error messages in ITK?
  96. How to find a relationship between two objects using ITK?
  97. How to delete a relationship between two objects?
  98. How to create a relationship between two objects?
  99. How to check if a property is an array or not using ITK?

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We hope this article was informative and you got some idea about Teamcenter ITK customization interview questions. If you are not able to find the answer to any questions listed above then please do mention it in the comment section or you can reach out to us using the contact form.

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