Teamcenter Custom Handler Development Using ITK Customization

Teamcenter workflow designer is one of the most important modules of Teamcenter software. The workflow process is a sequence of operations performed for validation, change, and approval. We can develop a workflow template using the workflow designer application of the Teamcenter software. You must be an administrative user to create a custom workflow template.    … Read more Teamcenter Custom Handler Development Using ITK Customization

10 Sample Teamcenter Custom Handlers using ITK

there are two types of handlers available in the Teamcenter workflow designer application i.e. Action handler and Rule handler. Action Handler: The action handler performs the required action on the objects available in the target attachment. e.g. EPM-attach-related-objects, EPM-create-sub-process Rule Handler: The rule handler validates the required condition or rule on the target attachment. e.g. … Read more 10 Sample Teamcenter Custom Handlers using ITK

Teamcenter Batch ITK Program

What is Batch ITK? Teamcenter Batch ITK program is nothing but a simple executable that is used to perform certain operations on a Teamcenter server. Executables are executed from command prompt where TC_ROOT and TC_DATA of Teamcenter application server are accessible. Uses of Teamcenter Batch ITK Program: Batch ITK executable is used for the following … Read more Teamcenter Batch ITK Program

Teamcenter ITK Customization

What is ITK (Integrated Toolkit) Customization? ITK customization is a server-side customization method that is used for the development of batch utilities, custom method extension, and the development of custom workflow handlers. ITK is a set of pre-defined C and C++ functions provided by siemens that you can use directly to customize the behavior of … Read more Teamcenter ITK Customization