Teamcenter Batch ITK Program

What is Batch ITK?

Teamcenter Batch ITK program is nothing but a simple executable that is used to perform certain operations on a Teamcenter server. Executables are executed from command prompt where TC_ROOT and TC_DATA of Teamcenter application server are accessible.

Uses of Teamcenter Batch ITK Program:

Batch ITK executable is used for the following purposes:

– Database maintenance activities
– Data extraction, creation, or modifications
Data migration activities
– Report Generation

Output file of batch ITK program:

The executable file with .exe extension is the output file of any batch ITK program. You need to execute this executable from the command prompt. You can use visual studio to write and compile batch ITK programs or you can write a code using any text editor and generate executable using commands from the command prompt.

Template of Teamcenter batch ITK program:

Following is the general template of every batch ITK program.

int ITK_user_main(int argc, char* argv[])
	int    status = ITK_ok;
	/*Your Code*/
	return status;

ITK_user_main is the main function of every bath ITK program.

10 real-life industry requirements to develop Teamcenter Batch ITK programs:

Following is the list of different requirements to develop a batch ITK program. Here we have tried to gather real-life industry scenarios that we came across while working in the PLM domain.

Requirement 1:

Create a batch utility to create items and revision of required object type and ids as per input given in the text file.

Requirement 2:

Search Item Revision in the Teamcenter and attach a required file as a dataset to searched item revision in the Teamcenter and generate log information in the text file. Take Item ID, Item Revision ID, File Type, File Path as arguments.

Requirement 3:

Search Item Revision in the Teamcenter and download the file from the required custom dataset attached to item revision. Create a folder with ItemID_RevID name and store a physical file in that folder.

Requirement 4:

Execute batch utility at 6 PM daily, which will find a list of Items created on that day and send the list of IDs over the mail to required recipients. Read the list of recipient’s mail IDs from preference.

Requirement 5:

Create Change Object using batch utility and attach required Problem Items and Solution Items to Change Object revision. Read input values from the CSV file and generate log information in the log file.

Requirement 6:

Extract BOM information in the TXT file by taking Item ID and Rev Id of a top node as an input argument.

Requirement 7:

Create a single-level BOM structure in the Teamcenter by taking values from the input CSV file. Also, set required BOMLine attributes given in the input file. The first line of an input file will be a top node of BOM.

Requirement 8:

Extract Project Information from the project module and store it in the text file. Also, extract the status of project team members. Read values of project ids from the input text file.

Requirement 9:

Release Item Revision and all its secondary objects with required status. Read input values from the txt file. Generate failure log information in the log file.

Requirement 10:

Generate CSV report of a number of objects submitted to workflow process in a particular duration and their workflow stage. Input will be date range and Object type as an argument.

What did you learn in this article?

To summarise, we have learned the following points in this article:

  1. Basic of Teamcenter Batch ITK program
  2. Different uses of the Batch ITK program
  3. Basic template for any batch ITK program
  4. Different industry requirements to develop batch utilities.

Try developing the above requirements, if you face any issue or need more clarification then feel free to mention it in the comment section or you can reach out to us using the contact form. If you have come across a unique requirement to develop a batch ITK program, please share it with us. We would be happy to include your scenario in the requirement list.

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