75 Important Teamcenter Workflow Designer Interview Questions

Teamcenter Workflow Designer Interview Questions

Workflow Designer is one of the most important modules of Teamcenter Software. Any business process consists of a streamlined, fixed sequence of operations. These stepwise operations are mapped into PLM software in the form of a workflow process. Teamcenter also consists of a workflow designer module or application that you can use to develop a custom workflow process as per business process requirements. As this is one of the most important modules of Teamcenter software, questions are definitely asked in the interview related to workflow designer.

In this article, we have tried to summarise different 75 questions that can be asked during an interview related to workflow designer application. We have collected these questions based on our own experience in an interview and from our colleges and friends who are working in the same domain.

Teamcenter Workflow Designer Interview Questions:

  1. Who can create a custom workflow template?
  2. What are the different tasks available in the Workflow Designer application?
  3. What is a Do Task?
  4. What is a Review Task?
  5. What is a Condition Task?
  6. What is the use of Validate Task? When do we have to use the Validate Task?
  7. What are the different task actions available on the workflow task?
  8. How to divide workflow into two branches?
  9. What is an Action Handler?
  10. Explain any 5 OOTB action handlers with use case scenarios.
  11. What is a Rule Handler?
  12. Explain any 5 OOTB rule handlers with use case scenarios?
  13. Can we create a Custom handler?
  14. How to add Query on workflow task?
  15. What is the difference between select-signoff-team and perform-signoff of Review Task?
  16. What is a quorum?
  17. How to auto-assign tasks to a particular user?
  18. How to remove objects from target attachments?
  19. How to release objects?
  20. In the Release status task which objects get released?
  21. What is the difference between workflow Target Attachment and Reference Attachment?
  22. How to add secondary objects to target attachment?
  23. How to add ACL to workflow tasks?
  24. How to ensure that the user has filled all the requires properties before completing the task?
  25. Can we use the same handler multiple times on the same task?
  26. How to allow users to submit a particular type of object only in the workflow process?
  27. How to send an email notification?
  28. What configurations need to be done to trigger mail from workflow task to outlook?
  29. How to add multiple conditions on the Condition Task?
  30. How to automatically send a job to the required branch of the workflow process based on the target object’s property value?
  31. What is a Job?
  32. How to set a timer on the workflow task?
  33. How to call a sub-process template from the main workflow template?
  34. What is ad-hoc?
  35. What are resource pool members?
  36. What is the use of EPM-demote handler?
  37. How to display a list of workflow templates based on the selected object type in the workflow process assignment window?
  38. Explain the use case scenario of Validate Task?
  39. How to assign a task to another user if the assigned user is on leave?
  40. How to make sure that the user should Checked-In all the target objects before completing the task?
  41. How to make workflow task completion comments mandatory?
  42. When does the custom workflow template be available for the user to use?
  43. While editing the existing workflow template does other users can see that template in the workflow assignment window?
  44. What is Named ACL?
  45. How to prevent users from adding and removing objects from target attachment?
  46. What is the difference between Acknowledge Task and Review Task?
  47. Which handler we can use to automatically complete a task?
  48. What is a Checklist Task? How to use it?
  49. How to complete or abort the workflow process if a workflow is stuck at any task?
  50. Which user can promote or demote the workflow task?
  51. How to delete the release status of an object using the workflow process?
  52. What are the success and failure paths in the workflow process?
  53. How to make sure that users should able to submit only non-released objects to the workflow process?
  54. What is a route task? Where to use it?
  55. How to export workflow templates?
  56. How to import workflow templates?
  57. What is the use of EPM-hold rule handler in Do Task?
  58. What is a workflow template filter?
  59. How to create a new workflow template based on the existing template?
  60. What is the difference between online and offline workflow template modification?
  61. How to add a query on the condition task?
  62. How to handle errors occurred during the workflow process?
  63. How to attach scheduled tasks to the workflow process?
  64. How to attach assembly components to target attachment?
  65. What is the difference between EPM-auto-assign and EPM-auto-assign-rest handlers?
  66. What is a Do Task? When we can use it?
  67. Which handler first gets executed on the workflow task, rule handler, or action handler?
  68. How to set default values on the properties of the target object during the workflow process?
  69. How to enable debugging of workflow handlers?
  70. Can we delete the workflow process template if the workflow process is initiated on the Item Revision?
  71. Does the workflow designer module need a separate license?
  72. How to create a custom handler using ITK Customization?
  73. How to synchronize modified templates in the multisite environment?
  74. What is the use of the EPM-adhoc-signoffs action handler?
  75. How to attach secondary object of specific relation to target attachment?

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We hope this article was informative and you got some basic idea about the workflow designer interview questions. Try to find answers for these questions before going for an interview. I am sure it will help you in the interview. If you are unable to find answer for any question then please mention it in the comment section or you can reach out to us using Contact Form.

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