10 Sample Teamcenter Custom Handlers using ITK

there are two types of handlers available in the Teamcenter workflow designer application i.e. Action handler and Rule handler. Action Handler: The action handler performs the required action on the objects available in the target attachment. e.g. EPM-attach-related-objects, EPM-create-sub-process Rule Handler: The rule handler validates the required condition or rule on the target attachment. e.g. … Read more

6 Different Ways of Teamcenter Customization

Siemens has provided in-built functionalities in the Teamcenter that are generic across industries. But there may be requirements for specific functionalities that are not available in the default Teamcenter application. In this situation, there is no other option than customizing the Teamcenter functionalities.  Teamcenter provides great flexibility to customize existing functionalities or add new functionality. … Read more