Teamcenter Custom Handler Development Using ITK Customization

Teamcenter workflow designer is one of the most important modules of Teamcenter software. The workflow process is a sequence of operations performed for validation, change, and approval. We can develop a workflow template using the workflow designer application of the Teamcenter software. You must be an administrative user to create a custom workflow template.    … Read more

10 Sample Teamcenter Custom Handlers using ITK

there are two types of handlers available in the Teamcenter workflow designer application i.e. Action handler and Rule handler. Action Handler: The action handler performs the required action on the objects available in the target attachment. e.g. EPM-attach-related-objects, EPM-create-sub-process Rule Handler: The rule handler validates the required condition or rule on the target attachment. e.g. … Read more

Teamcenter Batch ITK Program

What is Batch ITK? Teamcenter Batch ITK program is nothing but a simple executable that is used to perform certain operations on a Teamcenter server. Executables are executed from command prompt where TC_ROOT and TC_DATA of Teamcenter application server are accessible. Uses of Teamcenter Batch ITK Program: Batch ITK executable is used for the following … Read more

Teamcenter ITK Customization

What is ITK (Integrated Toolkit) Customization? Teamcenter ITK customization is a server-side customization method that is used for the development of batch utilities, custom method extension, and the development of custom workflow handlers of the teamcenter application. ITK is a set of pre-defined C and C++ functions provided by siemens that you can use directly … Read more